Tuesday Night’s WOD

Sorry I don’t have a cool title. This WOD didn’t deserve it (plus I couldn’t think of one).

All I have to say is that last night’s workout was LAME LAME LAME:

100 Sit-ups for time.

Even though my abs are screaming today, I like doing hard core WODs (which we have tonight).  I really enjoyed our Skills Strength workout though:

4×10 Front Squats (5 pounds more than last week, but I couldn’t remember what I did, so I just did 85 pounds)

I love front squats, back squats, air squats, you name it. My ass loves them too.  Even though I didn’t really care for the WOD, my CrossFit BFF and I did some extra stuff. One of us biked (hardcore) and the other hung on the box with our legs perpendicular to our bodies. When the person hanging couldn’t hold anymore, we switched. She and I did this for about 5-10 minutes.

Dat booty.
Dear God in Heaven. I just died.

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