War of the WODS

I went to my first ever CrossFit competition a few weeks ago. It was so amazing! Most of the athletes knew what they were doing and killed it! We went to support our friends Danny and Mike. They did awesome . The War of the WODS inspired me to become a better athlete with CrossFit and really push my limits.

My CrossFit BFF, Sarah and I were going to compete, but we were unsure of how well we would preform. After going to the competition, we realized that we would have done AMAZING (in the beginner’s portion). We were actually very surprised on how bad some people’s form was.

Other than that, we really loved watching our friends compete. After their event, we all went out to eat and had an amazing time. I really wished we would have stayed for the finals because they had a pool event. I would have loved that. You need to be a well rounded athlete if you plan on winning the competition. I however, would have only doggy paddled if I was EVER badass enough to win HA!

Next year I am planning on competing. This was such a great experience to see everyone that loves CrossFit. I now am more addicted to CrossFit.

       photo 2photophoto 1

                            Mike                                   Female Competition                                Danny


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