This past weekend I’ve had a hard time eating right. I had to work and I think that may have had something to do with it. All I wanted to eat was cupcakes, candy, and pretty much anything sweet. Most likely, I gained 20 pounds in two days. I was a piggy.  And NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT. I just love sweets more than anything in this world (besides purses and bathing suits). Everyone has off days where they cheat and eat like shit, but I could not contain it.  I WANTED MORE SWEETS. If you personally know me, you know that I die over anything that can make you go into a diabetic coma. If it is super sweet, I’m consuming it.  I’m planning on getting it together this week and get back to normal.

Yesterday I didn’t work out because I ate too much candy and did not want to vomit at my gym. Today, I’m regretting not going yesterday because we are expecting a snow storm and the roads will probably be bad tomorrow. Worst case scenario, I do yesterday’s WOD at my house if we get a blizzard and I’m unable to drive. I’m ready for the weekend already.

I eat everything #fatgirl



One thought on “Struggling

  1. Damn Jordan–don’t beat yourself up!! You look awesome and you are healthy. Be proud of what you are accomplishing and Let.This.Go!!! You look Totes Fabulous!!!

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