What CrossFit Has Done To Me & For Me.

CrossFit has been an amazing blessing in my life. I’m so glad that I discovered it. When I first started back in July (2013), I was so scared and uncomfortable. I went to my first class and had NO clue what I was doing, or how I should be doing it. Thankfully, I had amazing coaches that taught me the right way. To this day I’m still nervous when I CrossFit. If I’m not nervous before a WOD, it isn’t hard enough. I won’t be able to achieve greatness if I don’t step out of my comfort zone. Stepping out of my comfort zone is making me a better CrossFitter and a better person in general.

When I first started, I expected to lose all this weight and I was probably going to quit after I achieved my weight loss goal. Little did I know that I would have begun an amazing lifestyle. At first, I gained weight and I was pissed. I take “fat pictures” where I wear the same outfit with my hair exactly the same as the previous picture. I took some right when I started, about 3 months of CrossFit, and some maybe 5 months after I started. For me, I need to see results in pictures. When I look in the mirror, I can see subtle changes in my body, but having the side by side comparison really helps me SEE the changes. I really recommend this if you’re like me and need a side by side comparison.

I still have not obtained my weight loss goal, but I don’t even care anymore. I can see my body changing every day.  Whether it is a 5# PR, or muscle definition in my arms. I can see changes physically and even mentally. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be like before I started CrossFit, I would have probably said 115 pounds and super FYYYYNEEEE. After I started CrossFit, my perception of “skinny” began to fade. I will never be 115 pounds. And if I do for some odd reason become 115 pounds, please feed me a Whopper. Our society has such a blurred view on what fitness is. Last night I realized how much my mindset has changed when I was watching E!. I’m sorry, but Giuliana Rancic is TOO DAMN TINY. I mean, where is the muscle in her arms?! It’s literally bone with skin covering it. I really believe that my “skinny” is muscle. A nice ass, thighs, arms, and stomach definition. I don’t think I’d really like a 6 pack on myself, but if it happens, at least I can say I have one.

It’s really crazy to me to see these changes in myself. I thank CrossFit for helping me to accept and love myself the way I should. Even though I’m not really where I want to be weight wise, I’m not hating myself. Watching myself transform is an awesome thing to witness.

And that’s all she wrote.

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