Life’s Better Upside Down

Yesterday at my box was probably my favorite workout ever. I really had fun while I was doing it.

Yesterday’s WOD

5 Rounds:
5 Back Squats
20 second rest

15 Handstand push ups
4 Wall Climbs
180 second rest

Then a 800 meter run.

I had to modify the HSPUs because I am unable to do them. I modified it by doing handstand holds and gradually lowering myself down (I had an abmat under my head so I didn’t crush my head). Everything else, I did up to par. The weight I used for my back squat was 95 pounds. Round 1 and 2 were a breeze. Round 3 really kicked my ass, especially with the handstand holds and wall climbs. My shoulders were so exerted and my form was beginning to suffer. I had a hard time keeping my core tight, not to mention my hands were becoming raw from the floor. My piriformis was also starting to become irritated. When I would squat, my right leg would “cave” in. I was having the “stanky” leg going on.  This issue has been bothering me since about December. Sometimes it’s fine and sometimes it kills me. It was killing me yesterday. The pain went from my ass all the way down to my ankle. I couldn’t even run my 800 (which sucked). I ended up rolling on a lacrosse ball (which felt like I was being murdered) and basically wrapping my groin to my iliac crest with Voodoo Bands and squatting (that didn’t hurt as bad, but it really helped). It was like wearing a diaper, so weird. I really need to get some Voodoo Bands. Yesterday I ended up buying 3 lacrosse balls so I can roll it out when I’m home. Hopefully this will get better soon…


I’m also missing my crossfit BFF today….Shoutout to Flight Attendant Sarah!



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