My name is Jordan, and I love CrossFit.

I started this wonderful addiction in July 2013.  Now, I’m a full fledged addict.  I never thought I could love working out as much as I do now.There were a lot of options as far as boxes that I could go to, but I wanted to join a local one.  I found my current box-Smashed CrossFit and absolutely love it. Our box is like a family! I started WOD’ing 5-6 times a week. Every other weekend I take Saturdays off, but other than that, Sunday is when I hang in my sweats and relax.

CrossFit is my life now. I eat, sleep, and drink CrossFit. I have joined a cult and didn’t even realize I was in one. Eventually I plan on getting my level 1 CrossFit Certification. I’d like to coach at a box and help people better themselves. Right before I started CrossFit, I was really having a hard time with my body image. Mind you, I’ve never been “fat”, but I’ve never been “skinny” either. I had this perception of what I was supposed to look like. It was driving me INSANE. I would obsess over it, I’m talking to the point of crying myself to sleep because of the way I looked in the mirror. Once I started CrossFit, all of that stress and anxiety vanished. Now, I’m focusing on toning up my body and eating clean.


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