I’m still alive, don’t worry.

Oh my goodness it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged. I’ve been super busy with school and very very stressed.

I guess I should elaborate on how I did in the open. I have no idea. I forgot to submit one of my scores because I mixed my days up and thought Monday was Sunday. My goal for 14.3 was to get to 155 on deadlifts. I ended up surpassing that and hit 185, twice. What really hurt my was loading and unloading the bar. That was a fucking mess. I ended up getting T2B for the first time during 14.4 and only got a score of 61. I had so many no-reps because I was literally 1 inch of hitting the bar with my toes, but couldn’t get it! That really sucked.14.5 I couldn’t even finish because my shoulder decided to take a shit mid-WOD. That was pretty fun. I didn’t re-do the workout because by the time Monday came around, it was still pretty sore. Next year I’m hoping to do A LOT better.

As far as gym life goes, I’ve still been going 5-6 times a week. Even though I’m really stressed, I still take that hour out of my day for myself. It really helps me.  I’m really excited for next week because I’m getting a massage. I am going to feel bad for the masseuse because my body is full of knots. Last week I only took one day off because I needed to study. I ended up doing a 5k on Saturday (knocked 12 minutes off of my time from last year) and running 1.3 miles Sunday. Monday I took off, and then Tuesday my quad decided to get all tight and not want to move DURING THE WARM-UP. Thank GOD for Epsom salt, ibuprofen, icy hot, and mineral ice. It ended up feeling better within 2 days.

Working out is very important to me and I feel guilty whenever I don’t go to the gym or if I eat like crap. I have to admit, I have not been eating as well as I should because of all the stress. I’m getting back in the swing of things now that I have some time to breathe. It’s going to get crazy again soon and I just need to be focused and dedicated to my eating habits, gym habits, and study habits.

Oh-and in my comment on the previous blog on how I hoped my hands ripped, they did. I hated it. I should have never said that. It wasn’t the first time they ripped, and it sure won’t be the last!

Have a great Tuesday!


14.1, Better Late Than Never.

So I’ve been slacking a little bit on my blog this week. I have had exams and lots of school work to do. Thank GOD that my spring break started today. I need it.

Anywho- 14.1 HOTLANTA. I watched the Live OPEN while taking my Eucalyptus Spearmint/Epsom salt bath. My muscles were craving that type of relaxation. I was rooting for Fisher and was glad that he won. It was amazing to see both competitor’s form and strategies.  As I continued to watch, I fell in love with CrossFit a little more.

I didn’t sign up for the open until after I watched it. After seeing the Open, I figured, what the hell, it’s only $20 and I can see how I rank in the world. After 14.1 was over, I signed up immediately and prayed to The Lord above that I would be able to do SOME double unders.  Double unders are one of my weaknesses, so I knew I was doomed from the get-go. I can’t string them totally together yet and I break often because I get too excited, but I’m practicing them! I was dreading the WOD the entire time. I knew I wasn’t going to do that well. The Doubles KILLED ME. I wasted a lot of time by doing, “single, single, double”. I mean A LOT OF TIME. It probably took me about 3-4 minutes with those. Then I moved on to the Power Snatch. I never realized how ugly I do them. I focused too much on having the perfect form that I wasn’t moving fast or efficient. When time was up, I only had 90 reps. I was pretty disappointed, but I wasn’t redoing the WOD. My forearms were on fire from the previous WOD (listed in the blog before this), and they were starting to kill me during the Power Snatches. Ultimately, I’m glad I signed up for the Open and am excited, but dreading the unknown WODS…

14.1 WOD
10 Minute AMRAP
3o Double Unders
15 Power Snatch 75/55

And now 14.2. It’s over for me too since I can’t do Chest To Bar. Cool. Time to kick it up another notch.